Cyber security and the risk of doing nothing

Cyber security is a serious concern for manufacturers with aging networks a prime target for hackers - image courtesy of Pixabay
Posted on 30 Nov 2016 by Tim Brown
Have you ever looked at your system and thought: “Upgrading our equipment is too expensive and likely to cause downtime. Let’s just keep it running.” Ultimately, you made a risk decision. While cyber security hasn’t been a critical risk factor until recently, it has quickly emerged as one of today’s biggest risks.

The role of human factors in the future of manufacturing

Robot Hand Shaking Human Hand
Human factors and ergonomics provide a scientific approach to prepare workers for an increasingly automated manufacturing environment. Dr Sarah Fletcher, lead, Manufacturing Group, Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors and head of Industrial Psychology and Human Factors Group at Cranfield University, reports.

Added benefits of maintaining an online storefront

These days almost all businesses have some form of online presence but only a fraction of B2B firms have an online storefront - image couretsy of Pixabay.
A lot of businesses, small and big, still don’t maintain a strong online presence for a number of reasons. They may be reluctant to invest in a good online store. The process of creating an online store that works can be pretty daunting, especially for businesses who are not used to online commerce.