Marc Moschetto

The critical role of workforce management in CI

Marc Moschetto, vice president of global marketing at Workforce Software highlights the necessity of workforce management in order to keep your business trajectory moving onwards and upwards. ...
Karl Walker, Omron Automation Products Marketing Manager

From shop floor to top floor

Karl Walker, Automation Marketing Manager at Omron argues the case for integrating individual line and equipment control systems into high-level enterprise management software. ...

The future is in 3D

Stephen Cooper of KPMG weighs in on the phenomenon of 3D printing as the firm cites it as one of its ten megatrends identified for the future of manufacturing. ...
A shipping line is inspected prior to delivery - image courtesy of iStock and Infor

Blending of service and manufacturing economies

Is the customer-centric mindset of the service economy also Influencing the manufacturing segment? Larry Korak, director of industry & strategy, industrial manufacturing at Infor suggests that improved customer relationships can lead to better products. ...
Tom Kozenski, VP Solution Strategy at JDA Software

Top ten warehousing predictions for 2015 and beyond

As warehousing operations are coming under mounting pressure to perform to support growing demands of the omni-channel customer, Tom Kozenski, VP Solution Strategy at JDA Software, discusses what trends are emerging and what their impact will be. ...



  • Professional Services Supplement 2014

    People who run a manufacturing business know pretty much everything about it, and may have worked in their company all the way from the ground up. However, even the most hands-on owner/manager will not know

  • Energy Security 2014

    ENERGY&SECURITY SUPP 26 09 2014 The good news is – energy prices have been stable for the past two years and there has been so much great work done on energy efficiency over the past

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