The way forward

The changing face of Unipart Group

Unipart Group’s Global Industrial Logistics Director Bernard Molloy explains how a company known for its manufacturing arm actually extends far further. ...
ACT Wales apprentice Curtis Williams improving his skills with some on-the-job training (crop)

Graduates vs apprentices – the hard choice

Businesses across the country and in all sectors are recruiting – but do manufacturing companies prefer graduates or apprenticeships? We may be seeing a shift, Ruari McCallion reports. ...
Do technologists dream of electric sheep

Do technologists dream of electric sheep?

UK participation in robotics and autonomous systems is tipped to shape the next wave of technological advancement. Victoria Fitzgerald gets technical on RAS 2020. ...
Reaching new heights

Reaching new heights

Established as the world's second largest aerospace sector, the UK industry continues to soar to new heights. But will it survive the long haul? James Pozzi reviews. ...
Morgan signs graphene agreement with University of Manchester

The UK’s global graphene race

With graphene tipped to revolutionise industry, James Pozzi reviews its development as the UK looks to establish itself as an industry world leader. ...
Protest march

Closed for business: industry and protests

Following the temporary closure of UAV Engines after protests from activists against the Israeli military-owned company’s involvement in the Palestinian conflict, James Pozzi looks at other instances of when protests have ground production to a halt. ...
Industrial style

Industrial style

James Pozzi visits Dr. Martens’ shoe manufacturing site in Northamptonshire and sees how following the success of its consumer line, the British icon is turning its attentions to its industrial range. ...
Better together

Better together?

As Scotland’s decisive vote over independence draws closer, James Pozzi examines the pros and cons for manufacturing in the event of an independent Scotland. ...



  • SmartestEnergy Entrepreneurs Report

    The latest Energy Entrepreneurs Report compiled by SmartestEnergy shows a 36% jump in the number of commercial scale projects in operation across the manufacturing sector in Great Britain since last year’s report. In total, an

  • University Collaboration 2014

    The amount of money available for R&D in the UK is quite staggering: over £26bn, from public and private sources. The organisations involved from the public sector can begin to look like an alphabet soup, and just as confusing,

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