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Feeding the 1,000mph Bloodhound beast

The incredible Bloodhound SSC has one almighty and unrelenting appetite when it comes to being fed by its supply chain. Callum Bentley spoke with the project’s Engineering Lead – Commercial, Conor La Grue to see what it takes to handle...
Nick Shields, SMAS director

Speaking of Scotland

Nick Shields, Director of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS), talks to James Pozzi about the future of manufacturing in Scotland. ...
Taking AME

Taking AME

Dr Carl Perrin, Director of The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, talks to James Pozzi about how the project aims to bring a new dimension to training the next generation to aid the UK’s high value manufacturing future. ...
Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap

Chris Howe, operations director at industrial recruitment firm Gap Personnel, talks to TM about manufacturing’s strive for efficiency through utilising its workforce. ...
Hamid 1

Manufacturer, Evangelist, Visionary

Dr Hamid Mughal, manufacturing director at Rolls-Royce, shares his passion for his sector with Jane Gray and sets out his unfinished business in shaping its future. ...



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    People who run a manufacturing business know pretty much everything about it, and may have worked in their company all the way from the ground up. However, even the most hands-on owner/manager will not know

  • Energy Security 2014

    ENERGY&SECURITY SUPP 26 09 2014 The good news is – energy prices have been stable for the past two years and there has been so much great work done on energy efficiency over the past

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