Growth Through Automation


The Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network (AABTLN) consists of manufacturers who wish to keep up to date with the latest developments in industrial automation and learn more about maximising output and efficiency while increasing ROI.

The AABTLN’s annual conference, Automate UK – will provide the opportunity to hear from experts in the industry about utilising the technology available to manufacturers now as well as looking forward to future trends that need to be considered when investing in this technology. With innovations in robot safety, remote monitoring, collaborative equipment right through to predictive maintenance the world of industrial automation is evolving at a faster pace than ever.

With intelligent automation pushing back the boundaries of value adding robotics and connected factories allowing complete transparency of product lifecycles from anywhere in the world in real time, the pain points of manufacturing operatives are no longer; how best to get machinery up and running as quickly and as cheaply as possible after a breakdown, or how to compile due diligence on robotic arms or end of line process efficiencies. It is more about ways in which to ensure the automation equipment being purchased is capable of carrying out multiple tasks to accommodate the greater variability and smaller batch sizes demanded by the modern consumer and supply chains.

It is precisely this evolution of the consumer landscape that is driving the need for greater automation, with a global market place offering consumers greater customisation and shorter lead times, supply chains need to be as flexible and responsive to consumer pull as ever before. Automation is the only way to retain a competitive advantage in the face of these new demands.

Automate UK will enable you to benchmark against the most innovative businesses in the automation space and gain insight into what is on the horizon for the factories of the future.