Annual Manufacturing Report 2016

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The 2016 Annual Manufacturing Report, published by Hennik Research, demonstrates once again the resilience of British manufacturing. The steel industry has shrunk by around 9% this year and closures have hit the headlines, but manufac…

Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing

On September 30, Atos and The Manufacturer invited a carefully selected number of senior decision makers from across the UK Manufacturing sector to the Atos Business Technology and Innovation Centre (BTIC) in London for a roundtable event.

Lean Top 25 Report

The best lean practitioners have been recognised for their excellence in continuous improvement at the LMJ Lean Top 25 ceremony in Amsterdam in 2015.

The Lean Top 25 is about celebrating lean ideas across sectors and across Europe, by recognising individuals who are really making lean happen.


Strategic Growth in the Asian Century

As manufacturers and service firms strive for strategic growth in both domestic and export products and services they do so in the Asian Century which presents an unprecedented mix of complex Opportunities and Threats.

This report from Australian firm Manufacturship studied six sectors where A…

Barclays 2015 Food & Drink Manufacturing Report

The food & drink industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. Figures from the Food and Drink Federation indicate that it is a £95.4bn business.

Barclays 2015 Manufacturing Food and Drink Report…

E.ON Energy Report 2015

As the General Election looms, manufacturers are looking for drastic changes in energy policy and regulation to help improve overall competitiveness in the sector.

Energy costs are higher than ever and with sustainability and green targets such as ESOS forcing their way into t…

ERP Buyer’s Guide 2015

With the massive focus for companies migrating towards upgrading current ICT infrastructure, it is now that ERP vendors are stepping up their game more than ever to mee the demands of a sector that is becoming more tech savvy than ever.

Business is booming and ERP software is fundamental to making su…

Annual Manufacturing Report 2015

This year’s survey of manufacturers attracted responses from all areas and activities, from automotive, aerospace and agribusiness to plastics, renewables and steel.

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Confidence is higher than we have seen for a number of years. Levels of investment are up, as are …

Manufacturing Manifesto 2015: Thinking long-term

Manufacturing Manifesto 2015: Thinking long-term

A cross-party group of leading parliamentarians will today (Tuesday 20th January 2015) launch a new manifesto ahead of the general election, calling on any future government to take what it calls “the necessary steps” to ensu…

Finance: realising and releasing asset value

The credit crunch and consequent near collapse of the global banking system had an impact that still affects business today – and from both sides. Businesses are maybe reluctant to borrow having been left holding a large and fat baby of investment when customers cancelled projects. Banks be…