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NHS damns manufacturer for expensive cancer drug

Kadcyla, a breast cancer drug marketed by Roche Products Limited that can give patients an extra six months of life has been turned down by the NHS drugs rationing body as it is too expensive. ...
Chinese manufacturing slows for August

TSB in China: Day 3

Perry Freeman of C-Tech Innovation, part of the UK's TSB delegation currently in China, writes about his experience in the region of Guangzhou and the country's embracing of bio-technology. ...
High yield protein production fermentation at Fujifilm's biotech site in Durham can potential reduce the cost of goods

Britain’s biotech boom

Industrial biotechnology is growing, creating new jobs and radically altering expectations about the world’s ability to move away from fossil fuel reliance. Tom Moore explores the brave new world of biomaterials. ...



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    ENERGY&SECURITY SUPP 26 09 2014 The good news is – energy prices have been stable for the past two years and there has been so much great work done on energy efficiency over the past

  • ERP Buyer’s Guide 2014

    Make the wrong decision, and it can blow up in your face. You’ll pay too much. It won’t be the right system for your business or the right system for your industry. Or you’ll outgrow

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