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UK exporters feeling pinch from high pound

The recovery of the British economy has not been all good news as the pound’s surge is leading many companies to worry about the financial implications of this on exports. ...
Vince Cable announces his industrial strategy at Imperial College London

TM talks the future of manufacturing with Vince Cable

TM’s Victoria Fitzgerald interviews Secretary of State for Industry Vince Cable about the future of manufacturing beyond the wealth of encouraging data and how Scottish independence, a renegotiation in Europe and a focus on reshoring is set to impact the...
Inside the Optare Leeds production plant; the company's principle manufacturing site at which all of its integral range of buses

Optimism in manufacturing falls

Challenging operating conditions have resulted in a drop in optimism among UK manufacturers for the first time in 14 months, according to a report released today by accountants and business advisers BDO LLP. ...



  • SmartestEnergy Entrepreneurs Report

    The latest Energy Entrepreneurs Report compiled by SmartestEnergy shows a 36% jump in the number of commercial scale projects in operation across the manufacturing sector in Great Britain since last year’s report. In total, an

  • University Collaboration 2014

    The amount of money available for R&D in the UK is quite staggering: over £26bn, from public and private sources. The organisations involved from the public sector can begin to look like an alphabet soup, and just as confusing,

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