EEF chief economist, Lee Hopley says “the best of UK manufacturing is in the future, not the past.”

Manufacturing ‘do tank’ launched at British summit

The first British Industrial Entrepreneurship Summit (BIES) brought together global brands, young engineers, SME manufacturers, leading spokespeople and academics in an effort to understand how best to boost the nation’s manufacturing and engineering. ...

Saatchi gets inside Rolls-Royce

From November 13 -16 the Saatchi Gallery will host a unique insight into the world of Rolls-Royce manufacturing, exhibiting an interactive exhibition at it's Sloane Square gallery in London. ...
Live Business Art Board 3

Straight 360

Autodesk 360 gave a sneak peek of their new PLM 360 dashboard at a conference in Boston. Andrew Putwain travelled stateside to see it. ...
CEME's facilties can be used by any UK manufacturing or engineering company and the centre often plays host to industry, business and education events

Midlands SMEs learn from each other

Over 80 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from the Midlands gathered to discuss ways to benefit from the resurgence in the manufacturing sector. ...
Natwest and RBS launches Energy Efficiency Audit programme

SolutionsPT launches new roadshow for UK and Ireland

Industrial IT solutions provider, SolutionsPT, will be showcasing the latest innovations in industrial IT at a nationwide roadshow which will look at how mainstream IT trends are driving change in manufacturing environments. ...
London Skyline - Photo courtesy of Lorenzo G

A consuming argument

TM editor Callum Bentley hosted the recent Directors’ Forum meeting in London. The agenda? The rising Asian middle class and the opportunities for manufacturers. ...



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  • Energy Security 2014

    ENERGY&SECURITY SUPP 26 09 2014 The good news is – energy prices have been stable for the past two years and there has been so much great work done on energy efficiency over the past

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