Role of Digitising in a Factory Environment 1

HP: Role of digitising in a factory environment

HP's Ian Ames White & Marie-Amelie Masnou

HP talks to TM about the future of digital processes

Smart Manufacturing video grab - Autodesk

Smart Manufacturing: Managing the impact of change

JCB GT, the world's fastest digger, takes a lap of honour around Sydney.

JCB GT is officially the fastest digger in the world

INEOS plans to give of 6% of its shale gas revenues to those directly above its shale gas wells

INEOS’ chairman discusses its £2.5bn Shale gas offer

Lunar Mission One hopes to provide new and significantly advanced insights into the origins and evolution of the Moon and Earth

New project aims to explore the origins of our solar system

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, addresses the media at the completion of the G20 Leaders Summit. Photograph courtesy of Photograph by Andrew Taylor and G20 Australia

G20 closing remarks by Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott


Jaguar teams up with Bloodhound to hit desert for round of testing

Aston Webb and Old Joe, The University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham enigneering and physical science research

An artists impression of the Philae lander on the surface of the comet. Image and videos courtesy of ESA .

Rosetta Philae lander’s descent and science on the surface