Ginsters resource efficiency practices have helped the company grow

How Ginsters benefited from using resources efficiently

Ginsters is famous for making its Cornish Pasties which it has been making for over forty years. This video looks at how using resources efficiently has helped this great British manufacturer.

Is a manufacturing revolution on the horizon video grab

Is a Manufacturing Revolution on the Horizon?

Donald Rosenfield, senior lecturer and director of the Leaders for Global Operations Program, discusses innovation and variety as it relates to increasing manufacturing. While lawmakers in Washington bicker over the so-called budget deficit crisis –

As the world's 8th largest manufacturer the UK employs 2.6 million people in manufacturing - video grab.

World class workforce: be an apprentice

As the world’s 8th largest manufacturer the UK employs 2.6 million people in manufacturing. Our sector is thriving and as a manufacturing and engineering apprentice you can start your journey within one of the most

Parts for the UAV made with Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology - image courtesy of AMRC

Test flight of a FDM-printed fixed wing UAV

A video of the flight testing of an FDM-printed fixed wing UAV developed at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

NASA and Boeing collaborate on composite rocket fuel tank

NASA and Boeing collaborate on composite rocket fuel tank

A team of engineers from NASA and Boeing came up with a unique propellant tank design and manufacturing process to build one of the largest composite rocket fuel tanks ever made. The 18-foot-diameter (5.5-meter) tank

British business leaders preview the budget

UK business leaders preview the budget

With the budget approaching, figures from the world of UK business were recently surveyed by The National Business Awards in a report entitled Business Without Barriers for their predictions for the year ahead. In this, they

Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Growing manufacturing apprenticeships

The UK is currently experiencing the biggest factory boom in 19 years, its growing manufacturing industries are facing an increasing shortage of skills. Rather than looking abroad to fill the widening skills gap many companies



  • ERP – Simplify your strategic investment decisions

    As the thought-provoking articles and case studies in this report demonstrate, selecting and implementing an ERP system is no light matter. Make the right decision though, and ERP can be truly transformative. Especially for smaller and midmarket manufacturers where

  • Annual Manufacturing Report 2014

    The Annual Manufacturing Report 2014 surveyed 182 UK manufacturers in Q4 2013 across five key areas: Economy, policy and risk; Finance; Automation; Skills; and ICT. The Report (AMR) was researched by The Manufacturer magazine and

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