Hendo Hoverboard - image courtesy of Arx Pax and Kickstarter

World’s first real hoverboard is here. But is it any good?

Ever since Back to the Future II and Star Wars, the idea of a personalised levitating transportation has been tantalising, but largely left in the realms of fantasy. That’s not to say that levitating modes of transport haven’t

Bott Bloodhound Built To Last_bottlogo lr

Bloodhound and Bott inspire the next generation

Bloodhound’s replica of their supersonic car arrived at the Bude manufacturing site on September 26 and was followed by a visit from Stratton Primary School’s year 6 pupils in the afternoon. Bude Junior School’s year

The Bloodhound SSC car video grab

How do you keep a 1,000mph car on the ground?

Find out how Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) uses wings to keep the vehicle skimming along the ground. World Record speed windsurfer Zara Davis helps explain the theory behind how a wing works.

GE's big year for small engines video grab

GE’s big year for small engines

GE Aviation Wales, the winner of The Manufacturer of the Year 2013, has enjoyed a stellar year in 2014. But 2015 promises to be an even bigger year for the wider GE Aviation company, with


AMRC engineers reach new heights with unmanned aerial vehicle

High-flying engineers from the University of Sheffield have unveiled new developments in design and rapid manufacturing technology at a top US aerospace conference. The team, from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s Design and Prototyping Group,

Success for UK space industry as Rosetta reaches comet destination

UK Space sector continues to soar

The Size and Health of the UK Space Industry, a biannual report from the UK Space Agency, reveals that the sector continues to soar and is currently worth £11.3 billion to the UK economy, growing


Triumph Motorcycles Factory Tour 5th Nov

The Manufacturer is hosting a factory tour at Triumph Motorcycles on 5th November 2014. To book your place, email or call +44 (0)20 7401 6033 (Opt 3).

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Cook Medical – what class leading looks like

Since 1963, Cook Group companies have been among the leaders in developing healthcare devices that have improved lives around the world. Now with over 12,000 staff and operations in the US, Europe, Mexico, Asia and



  • Energy Security 2014

    ENERGY&SECURITY SUPP 26 09 2014 The good news is – energy prices have been stable for the past two years and there has been so much great work done on energy efficiency over the past

  • ERP Buyer’s Guide 2014

    Make the wrong decision, and it can blow up in your face. You’ll pay too much. It won’t be the right system for your business or the right system for your industry. Or you’ll outgrow

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