Cash is the lifeblood of any company. It’s more important than ever for businesses to optimise this aspect of financial performance if they’re to maintain a steady course in these uncertain times. In the manufacturing sector there is a particularly strong link between working capital, returns and investment – manufacturing companies need to keep investing in their business to compete effectively and generate higher returns on a sustainable basis. 

For many manufacturers, the cash for investment in new technologies is already sitting in their business as working capital, without the need to access additional funding or put pressure on cash flows. It’s time to release it.

Join Andrew Spence from Sage and PwC’s Working Capital Senior Manager to learn how to realise your cash and cost benefits by optimising the end-to-end strategic and operational processes that underpin your businesses operations and in particular, your working capital cycle. 

The discussion will cover:
1. Optimise the operational processes that underpin the working capital cycle
2. Build a focused operating model, designed to support your growth ambitions
3. How to implement digital solutions and data analytics
4. How to roll-out supply chain financing solutions

To find out more about this topic prior to the webinar, PWC have produced some reports to support businesses you may want to take a look at PwC’s global working capital report:

If you would like any further information regarding this topic, please feel free to email Laura Hansford of Sage – [email protected].