10.5 million ‘green’ bottles standing back on the wall

Posted on 1 Oct 2012 by The Manufacturer

Coca-Cola revealed today that 10.5 million plastic bottles collected during the Olympics have already been recycled and returned to retail shelves.

The 10.5 million bottles collected during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are now dispersed between 42 million new bottles each containing 25% recycled PET material.

The recycling took place at Coca-Cola Enterprises’ purpose built plant known as Continuum Recycling. Located in Lincolnshire the plant cost £15m to build and is run as a joint venture between Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and ECO Plastics. The plant opened in May this year.

The vast majority of Coca-Cola controlled beverages sold in the UK are contained in bottles or cans manufactured at six British CCE plants. All bottles collected during the Games were recycled within six weeks of disposal saving an estimated 310 tonnes of carbon.

Coca-Cola is the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Movement. As part of its involvement in the London 2012 Olympic Games it committed to assist the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) in delivering the most sustainable games possible.

To achieve this ambition Coca-Cola not only invested in plant and equipment at the Continuum Recycling facility but also supported public education campaigns.

Research commissioned by CCE found that 70% of consumers said they are now more likely to recycle their home waste having learnt about the speed and efficiency with which CCE is recycling its bottles.

The results of Coca-Cola’s investment in recycling capability and publicity campaigns will be announced in a report, launching at an event in London this evening. The reception will be attended by international press as well as representatives from WWF and WRAP.

Congratulating Coca-Cola on its attitude to responsible business development David Nussbaum, CEO, WWF UK, said: “The work Coca-Cola has undertaken to reduce its impact at the Games, and the lengths to which it has gone to use the power of its brand to engage others and ensure its actions have a lasting impact is to be commended and sets a standard for future corporate sponsorship of international events.”