National Physical Laboratory and High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute join forces

Posted on 17 Sep 2013 by Callum Bentley

By sharing resources and training facilities, the National Physical Laboratory and the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute believe they can better support UK manufacturing as a whole.

The National Physical Laboratory and the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute have joined forces in the hope of furthering world-class research to support high-value manufacturing jobs in the UK.

HSSMI research Director Leslie Lee believes joining with NPL will "fulfil both organisations' objectives to extend their support for UK manufacturing."

One of the primary factors of the merger was NPL’s extensive experience and range of facilities at its disposal to test and validate equipment related to HSSMI’s research into sustainable, high-speed manufacturing technology.

In addition to HSSMI and its members making use of NPL facilities, they will also receive support training. In return, NPL gains access to HSSMI’s members and research activities.

Graham Topley, Head of NPL’s Measurement Solutions Division said: “Our objective is to strengthen links to research and industry. Working with HSSMI and its members gives us access to industry and directly supports their research needs. This is an excellent way of developing and growing a UK skill base.”

As the two organisations start to work together, plans will be developed to support HSSMI members. These include Ford, which offered start-up support along with Loughborough University and the Department for Communities and Local Government when HSSMI was launched in 2012.

Leslie Lee, Research Director at HSSMI added: “HSSMI and NPL will bring together global industry, research, testing, validation and training. This fulfils both organisations’ objectives to extend their support for UK manufacturing. This is a powerful and exciting new alliance and the beauty of this collaboration is that it will make better use of existing infrastructure and extend the reach of world class facilities to small and medium enterprises.”