£240m boost for UK measurement science

Posted on 6 Jul 2011 by The Manufacturer

The Government today announced that over the next four years, £240m will be invested in measurement science.

Outlining the support the action it will take to meet the changing needs of business and society, the government today released a strategy report – ‘The National Measurement System: Strategy Document: 2011 – 2015’.

The aim of government is to improve measurement techniques and technologies in ways that could stimulate innovation and the creation of new products, processes and services.

At the launch of the new strategy at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition, David Willetts said: “The National Measurement System strategy will pave the way for the continued development of our world leading measurement infrastructure by giving UK businesses confidence in the quality of measurement standards and stimulating innovation in new measurement techniques.”

“Measurement processes are at the heart of British science and engineering and the UK can be proud of the advances made over the centuries. This tradition continues today in our established measurement infrastructure that underpins economic growth, business enterprise, commercial transactions and consumer confidence.”

Mr Willetts made it clear that particular areas of investment would include those that the UK is considered strong in, such as; energy, health, manufacturing, digital industries, sustainability and security.

Particular areas of focus include providing the infrastructure for next-generation communication systems such as smart energy meters, providing the basis for new medical treatment and helping the UK meet its carbon reduction targets by verifying reductions.

Dr Brian Bowsher, managing director at the National Physical Laboratory, said: “Advances in measurement have lead to innovations such as high-speed digital communications, GPS and satellite technology.”

“Measurement helps contribute billions of pounds to the UK and global economies every year. The ongoing commitment of the government to measurement will ensure the UK remains a world-leading centre of science, business and innovation,” he added.

George Archer