One-of-a-kind: Norbert Dentressangle’s huge hybrid truck

Posted on 18 May 2012

The new hybrid truck, weighing 26 tonnes is the first and largest of its kind to operate in the UK, and is to be used for Norbert Dentressangle’s deliveries in and around London.

The logistics company has taken delivery of the truck in order to help meet commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all of its transport operations. The truck’s relatively low noise levels means that it is suited for deliveries in urban areas.

The engine inside the new truck is 50% quieter than a conventional engine, and consumes 20% less fuel – it achieves this by combining a diesel engine with an electric motor.

At the launch, both Hervé Montjotin, executive vice president of Norbert Dentressangle and director of the transport division, and managing director of Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services Mike Bridges emphasised their commitment to reducing the company’s environmental impact at the official launch on Wednesday.

Norbert Dentressangle trains their drivers to stick to certain speeds that maximise the fuel efficiency of their specific vehicle. The company also maximises payloads after making investments to develop the technical capacity to do so. Re-engineering of transport flows by our customers has also taken place on a wide scale, according to Montjotin; as well as the testing alternative technologies to diesel engines on a large scale.

These efforts are not just limited to the UK – the logistics firm is currently trialling two 19-tonne Renault vehicles, and a Mercedes 12-tonne truck around the roads of Paris and Lyon. Representatives from Norbert Dentressangle said that data from these trials will be used in determining their viability for continued use in logistics operations across the globe.

According to Mr Montjotin, “as far as toxic and particle emissions are concerned, Norbert Dentressangle runs the cleanest truck fleet in Europe, with over 90% of the vehicles compliant to EURO IV and V standards”.

Mr Bridges commented: “The launch of this new vehicle delivers a clear message to existing and potential customers that we are committed to sustainable transport in the UK and that innovation is a key driver at Norbert Dentressangle.”