New jobs hopeful as Goodrich plans Midlands expansion

Posted on 26 Jun 2012 by Chris Flynn

Systems and service provider to the aerospace and defence industries Goodrich yesterday (June 25) announced plans to expand its Wolverhampton Plant.

A series of proposals are currently being prepared for the Stafford Road plant expansion and will be announced in full once finalised.

The expansion comes just weeks after Goodrich Actuation Systems, a manufacturer of landing gear, aircraft wheels and engine components, reported profits of £60m, up 12%, and sales of £496m, up 17% on the previous year.

Wolverhampton City Council said it wants to see 3,000 jobs created along Stafford Road and the Goodrich expansion will boost these expectations.

A spokesman for Goodrich said: “We are exploring multiple options to accommodate additional capacity. As plans are finalised, we will provide additional information.”