3D printing steps into fashion

Posted on 20 Oct 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Models at London Fashion Week 2015 took to the runway in 3D printed Mojito shoes by the fashion house Julian Hakes.

Julian Hakes Mojito shoes
The low wedge shoes featured as part of a presentation at London Fashion Week.

Julian Hakes turned to Ogle Models after facing the prospect of creating a unique design for the event in a short timeframe, withthe Hertfordshire-based company’s 3D printing machines providing the solution.

The low wedge shoes featured as part of a presentation at the event, which took place in September, by leading British designer Georgia Hardinge.

Julian from London-based Julian Hakes, commented: “Most footwear designers sample and prototype in European size 37, but for London Fashion Week collections we often use a size 40.

“This meant we needed specialist equipment to create 12 pairs of the shoes in such a quick timeframe, so we turned to Ogle Models, having worked with them before we knew their 3D printing machines could provide the solution.

“We sent the file over on a Friday and by Monday we received 12 pairs of beautiful 3D printed outsoles ready for assembly to the handmade leather uppers.”

Ogle Models Marketing and sales director, Dave Bennion continued: “The latest technology provided by 3D Printing is enabling innovation across all kinds of industries.

“3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing are terms that are, today, frequently used synonymously to denote a group of additive processes that produce – or print – parts directly from 3D CAD data, one layer at a time.

“These additive processes have emerged and been greatly developed during the last 25 years and have proved advantageous for a host of applications including concept models, functional prototypes, tooling patterns and, more recently, production parts.”

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