3D TV in UK from May

Posted on 1 Apr 2010 by The Manufacturer

LG Electronics (LG) has revealed that the first passive technology 3D-ready TV (LD950) will be available in the UK from May.

The release of the 47-inch LCD 3D-ready TV, along with a second active 3D-ready TV (LX6900), will make LG the only manufacturer in the world to provide consumers with access to passive 3D technology.

Currently the only other 3D TVs available on the market use ‘active’ technology which involves the use of specialised hi-tech eye wear. Passive technology requires only the use of polaroid glasses similar to those used by movie cinemas, making it easier to enjoy 3D with friends and family.

Earlier this year, LG was the first manufacturer in the UK to introduce to consumers its passive 3D technology LCD TV (LD920), which is being rolled out in pubs across the UK and Ireland. Viewers will be able to watch live football including Premier League matches broadcast by Sky in 3D, prior to the introduction of Sky 3D to millions of homes later this year. In addition, this spring, LG is also bringing to market the world’s first Full LED 3D-ready TV (LX9900) which uses active 3D technology.

Bringing an accessible and convenient 3D experience to consumer’s living rooms, the LD950 comes with four pairs of polarised glasses. The model, which also allows consumers to view standard content in high quality, is also supported by HDMI version 1.4, meaning that viewers can access 3D content via 3D Blu-ray players, such as LG’s BX580 as well as future 3D services from Sky and Virgin.

Stephen Gater Head of Marketing LG Home Entertainment Company, said: “There has been overwhelming consumer interest and excitement in 3D TV since the beginning of the year and we want to respond to that demand as best as possible. With these two new 3D TV models, we are bringing an even better 3D offer to market this spring and hope to provide even more consumers with the excitement and thrill of the 3D cinematic experience into the comfort of their living rooms.”

This Sunday LG and Sky will be bringing 3D to consumers across UK and Ireland, as nine pubs will be exclusively screening the Premier League showdown between Arsenal and Manchester United in 3D. These selected pubs have been kitted out with the LG 47 inch LD920 3D TV, giving lucky football fans the opportunity to be the first in the world to view the Premier League in 3D. 

Tim Brown