4 essential marketing tips for the manufacturing industry

Posted on 15 Dec 2016 by The Manufacturer

While most manufacturing companies tend to get their business through word of mouth, references and other traditional marketing methods, too many of them completely overlook online marketing.

However, there is a growing number of manufacturing companies that are embracing the times and trying their hand at alternative marketing methods.

But, since manufacturing is a very particular field with its own set of needs, usual marketing methods have to be tweaked to be effective. In this article, we’re going to cover four crucial tips every manufacturing company should use with their online marketing efforts.

Establish yourself as a leader in your field

In order for your marketing to be efficient, first time visitors have to view your company as a leader in your industry. They have to get a sense that your company is innovative and can bring thorough expertise to the table. One of the easiest ways to do that is by holding or sponsoring a webinar.

Hire the right people

Having the right people in place in your marketing department is essential for any manufacturing company. They also have to be well versed in current marketing trends for them to be effective.

A larger number of students are pursuing an online education nowadays, and online courses tend to be more up to date when it comes to new technologies. Arizona State University, for instance, has a great online marketing degree that focuses on many new marketing techniques. So if you’re in the manufacturing industry, you shouldn’t scoff at marketing students who received their marketing degree online as they are often better prepared to deal with new realities.

Leverage the power of keywords

Keyword ads, Pay per Click and SEO are all methods every manufacturing company should use to advertise their services and gain more awareness to their brand. Using the right set of keywords and advertising them through the right channels is essential if you want your customers to find you.

Manufacturing companies usually have a bigger impact locally, which is why it is important to target local customers with your advertising campaigns. You can do that by creating region specific web pages and displaying your ads in specific regions only.

Make sure your website is optimized

While it is important to have a clean, easily navigable and nice looking website, it is also important that it is search engine friendly. Search engines are one of the biggest factors when trying to get traffic to any site, and a poorly optimized website will garner bad results.

For a website to be properly optimized, it has to target the right keywords without keyword spamming, have a clear menu, site map, and it also has to be accessible across all platforms. As far as external SEO goes, the key is to provide socially active and meaningful content users will like and share. Social signals are among the most important factors in modern SEO, and companies who know how to engage their clientele usually have a leg up on the competition.

The manufacturing sector is similar in many ways to other sectors when it comes to advertising. However, it is important for manufacturing companies to keep their efforts local if they want the best results. They also need to take advantage of every marketing opportunity out there and establish themselves as a leader in their field if they want their message to come across.