4 Top Cities you should live in if you’re in the IT Sector

Posted on 30 Jan 2018 by The Manufacturer

Information technology has become a significant part of our daily lives and is ingrained in almost everything that we do.

London is among the best cities for IT professionals. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
London is among the best cities for IT professionals. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For instance, cloud computing is one of the reasons you have the pleasure of navigating through your social media platforms. Similarly so, innovations such as artificial intelligence enable you to use functions like Siri on your smartphone. The increase in IT solutions such as these has contributed to the exponential growth of the IT sector over the past couple of years. However, there seem to be certain cities within the UK that offer better prospects for IT professionals than others. For this reason, this article aims to take a look at four cities that you should consider living in if you happen to be an IT professional or an entrepreneur in the U.K.


It is probably no surprise that London is a good choice for cities if you’re looking to grow in the tech industry. Not only does it have a robust population of 8.788 million, but it also has a digital employment of 300,169, which is relatively high. It is also estimated that there will be 11, 000 additional tech jobs in the next decade. Considering that it’s the capital of England, its key sectors are vaster than that of other cities. Artificial intelligence and Fintech are just two of many you could grow in. One of the reasons London is said to be a sought-after city is the significant difference in earning potential that it offers in comparison to other cities. This may also ring true in regards to the tech sector as the advertised digital salary is said to be £61,803, however, remember that the cost of living is far higher, too. If you enjoy the buzz of people constantly on the go, multicultural environments, and diversity, then London also makes a good place to build your career.


As of 2014, Birmingham was said to have a population of 1.101 million people. Seeing as they have a digital employment of 36,803, there’s a high probability that many of them happen to be IT professionals. The key sectors in which they’re known for within the IT industry are drones, intelligent buildings, and also HM Revenue and Customs. Regarding salary, the city is said to have an advertised salary of £43,718, which is relatively lucrative. Aside from its growing tech industry, other attractions include its astonishing canals, interesting architectural structures, and its rich culture.


After London and Birmingham, Leeds is the third largest city in the UK and also another hub for IT. With a population of 715,404, they have a digital employment of 23,734. If you specialise in e-commerce, Fintech, software or healthcare, then Leeds would be a suitable city to live and work in. The advertised digital salary is a reasonable £50,041, and the city was named one of Europe’s top 25 cities for business in 2009. There are several other reasons that Leeds is a great city to live in. For the most part, Leeds is a fairly populous, green and tech-friendly city that you could do well in if you decide to live there.


Cambridge is popularly known for its prestigious university, however, it’s also a great city to work in for tech. Its digital employment is 30,219 and its advertised salary is said to be around £46,730. Their key sectors include deep learning, artificial intelligence, and gaming, which is said to be both vibrant and rapidly evolving sectors. This city which is often referred to as the “Silicon Fen” because of its technology industry also has a growing number of businesses that focus on biotechnology and electronics, just in case you were considering starting a business yourself.

If you happen to be one of the many people contributing to the ongoing technological revolution taking place in the world, then it’s important that you’re in an environment where you can grow. Moving to a city where you can be a part of relevant technological innovations and developments such as the ones mentioned above is a great place to start if you want to leave your mark in the industry.