£4m for larger beef burger production facility in Wales

Posted on 11 Sep 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Beef burger maker, The Burger Manufacturing Company, has invested £4m in new facility in Mid Wales and will create new jobs due to production increase by up to 100%.  

The state-of the art factory is 3,670 sq metres and includes some of the latest food production technology – image courtesy of Burger Manufacturing Company

The ‘Burger Manufacturing Company’ produces over 37.5 million burgers each year, 630 burgers per minute, and has moved production from its existing neighbouring facility into a purpose-built unit.

The new facility will allow the company to develop new quality and gourmet burgers for customers, including restaurants and take-away businesses.

The state-of the art factory is 3,670 sq metres and includes some of the latest food production technology.

The company currently employs 43 people. It only uses 100% beef in the production of its products. Customers range from small independent fast food businesses, through to large chains and restaurants.

James Jones, the company’s accountant, explained to the The Manufacturer: “The money has been spend to build a new facility, and it has increased the capacity of our production by three times. In terms of the staff, we have already created 13 jobs, and we plan to create another twelve jobs in the next 4 years.”

The burger maker has also developed new gourmet products targeted at higher end restaurants and eateries and has an R&D facility at the new unit to develop new burger products.

Mark Cornall, sales and marketing manager, said: “We’ve been growing year-on-year and we knew that to meet future growth we’d have to develop a new larger facility. We can now increase production for existing and new customers while developing new and exciting products for a range of markets.”

As well as UK customers, the company exports its 100% beef products to Gibraltar, Spain, France and other countries.

Production will begin immediately at the new facility and a number of jobs will be created over the next three years.