Abbott to recruit 150 people at Oxfordshire manufacturing site

Posted on 8 May 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Global healthcare company, Abbott has announced that it is aiming to recruit more than 150 people to work at its UK diabetes care manufacturing hub in Witney, Oxfordshire, over the coming 18 months.

The Witney factory currently employees 650 people, who research, develop and manufacture glucose monitoring products used by patients and healthcare professionals around the world.

Abbott’s Witney operation has continued to evolve since its foundation in 2000, with its recent growth due to the development of the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system, designed to help people with diabetes better manage their condition, without the need for routine finger-pricks.

Site director, Pat Cole commented: “Diabetes is a rapidly growing problem around the world and Abbott is addressing the challenge head on by designing, developing and manufacturing innovative products to help people to better manage their diabetes.

“As an employee of Abbott, people have the opportunity to become a member of a diverse global workforce working with the best minds in science and technology.”

The increasing demand for Abbott’s diabetes care products globally has resulted in new openings at the Witney facility across manufacturing; engineering; operations; quality assurance; R&D; clinical research, and statistics.

Abbott is looking to recruit employees new to the workforce, as well as seasoned professionals with relevant skills to work across these areas.

To encourage applications, Abbott’s Witney facility will open to members of the public on Friday May 13 between 3pm-7pm, and on Saturday May 14, 10am-2pm.

Guests will have the opportunity to tour the factory where Abbott’s latest technology is developed and manufactured, and speak with employees, including Pat Cole.