New manufacturing centre to add £4bn to Welsh economy

Posted on 8 Mar 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Planning permission for the Welsh Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute (AMRI) at Broughton in the Deeside Enterprise Zone has been granted.

Planning permission for the AMRI in the Deeside Enterprise Zone has been granted – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

With work to appoint a Contractor already underway, the granting of planning permission means that construction of the building can begin shortly.

The Welsh Government hopes that the Institute’s first facility will open in summer 2019.

It is predicted that the AMRI programme, which will be geared to increasing Wales’ productivity, commercialisation, innovation and skills development, could increase Welsh GVA by as much as £4bn over 20 years.

The institute will have a strong focus on advanced manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automotive, nuclear and food and will deliver game-changing support to key manufacturing companies as well as multi-sector supply chain companies and the broader SMEs economy.

The AMRI is expected to drive a thriving competitive industry base which in turn will act as a catalyst for growth and jobs across the supply chain in Deeside, North Wales, the Northern Powerhouse and further afield.

The Economy Secretary said: “In order to compete globally, Wales must remain competitive. As set out in our Economic Action Plan this means adapting to modern techniques and understanding the potential opportunities offered by collaboration and changes in economy such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The new institute will have these aims at its very heart.”

Airbus has been confirmed as the first member to access the Broughton site. Airbus senior vice president Paul McKinlay, Head of Broughton Plant, said: “The approval is fantastic news not only for Airbus and aerospace, but other industries such as automotive.

“The Institute will give a huge boost to the competitiveness of the advanced manufacturing supply chain in Wales… I’m looking forward to seeing new technologies and techniques being developed under the AMRI roof and the major benefits they will bring.”

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