Aneela Rose, managing director of Aneela Rose PR

Posted on 7 Mar 2013 by The Manufacturer

Many manufacturing companies are not taking full advantage of the marketing and PR opportunities available to them during the difficult economic conditions that continue to impact the industry on a daily basis. Marketing and manufacturing can co-exist contrary to what many in the industry believe.

Although reports this quarter suggest UK manufacturing output has increased, it’s vital that companies increase their efforts in highlighting competitive advantage to secure new business and implement a joined-up approach to marketing, public relations and sales.

It’s frustrating that, after working in the industry for 17 years, it’s still common for me to see sales activity budgeted for and prioritised at board level, and more often than not discussed in isolation from PR and marketing. The latter could yield a far higher return and deliver measurable results that complement sales initiatives. Meeting target audiences head-on across all the available communication routes will open more doors!

Companies need to understand that the evolving nature of manufacturing means seizing opportunities now that will help growth. Combining traditional with modern marketing routes is a clever move as, united, they are a stronger force capable of delivering engagement and driving sales. For example: using digital and social media platforms, such as online industry forums; LinkedIn; and Twitter, in addition to traditional print articles and advertising.

Raising awareness will not only secure business now, but will put manufacturers in a stronger position when the economy finally turns around.