Are UK manufacturers on a spending spree?

Posted on 23 Aug 2013

Zwick Roell, makers of testing equipment to validate materials and products are fit for purpose, comments on the flood of investment intent in manufacturing reported in August.

“In keeping with most other global companies Zwick Roell experienced a downturn in activity in 2009,” says Alan Thomas, marketing manager at Zwick UK.

Zwick Roell
Zwick Roell finds that money is coming back into manufacturing

“Since then the testing machine sector has been extremely active and Zwick Roell is enjoying unprecedented levels of order intake for both machine sales and service related products. From 2010 onwards, we have exceeded, by substantial margins, all sales targets and we expect this trend will continue into the foreseeable future with business confidence running at a very high level.

“The driver for this success stems from the increasing need to get products to market faster, improve product quality, characterise materials and identify new advanced materials.

“We are finding that companies are more inclined than ever to invest in Zwick Roell testing products which can assist them evaluate materials and components regarding ‘fitness for purpose,’ and to improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

“Immediately following the global downturn, we did experience a degree of reluctance from our industrial customers to invest in high-end capital equipment but recovery of key traditional industries has been pivotal in driving significant revival.

“Although the impact of the downturn continues to impact some sectors, generally the recovery across the board has been quite remarkable.

“High levels of activity in the fields of aerospace, automotive, medical devices, composites, plastics and metals are enabling Zwick Roell to benefit from the availability of substantial budgets being made available to assist UK manufacturers remain at the forefront of the global manufacturing sector.”