Artificial intelligence and marketing: is your organisation prepared?

Posted on 5 Mar 2018 by The Manufacturer

Almost every aspect of manufacturing has been improved upon with advances in technology: product quality, plant efficiency, logistics and transport, and employee health and safety.

However, not all industries are welcoming such technology advances with the same level of positivity.

Artificial intelligence, for instance, is now entering the public domain and, whereas ordinarily marketers have benefited from developments in the digital landscape, they are now feeling challenged by the effects AI will have on their industry.

B2B digital marketing agency Big Rock has investigated the effects of AI on the marketing industry, and the potential impact of this computer led revolution. AI’s influence needs to be harnessed: it will ensure compliance with the new legislation of GDPR, provide you with fresh data for your marketing campaigns, but also help you analyse the data you collate. Your organisation’s success depends upon how well you are prepared for the future of AI to remain competitive.

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