Assess your readiness to export

Posted on 11 Dec 2017 by The Manufacturer

85% of companies say exporting has led to a level of growth not otherwise possible. So, is your business ready to start exploring opportunities to export internationally?

UK Exports Export Barrier Free Trade Exporting Supply Chain Stock ImageThe UK government is committed to encouraging UK businesses to grow and expand by looking for opportunities to export and sell overseas.

Many of the UK’s most successful businesses have an international footprint, taking advantage of the opportunities available through a wider customer, supplier, and talent pool while supporting diversification through exposure to different local markets.

Over the past 12 months, KMPG has seen – and supported – an increase in the number of its clients ‘going global’.

Deciding where to pursue growth can be challenging and many companies use their cadre of advisers (often international professional services firms with links on the ground), as well as the Department for International Trade, to better understand target locations.

Have you considered if your business is ready to start exploring opportunities internationally, or do you already export and wish to expand that part of your business?

KPMG can help you to start exporting, or to expand your export business.

Complete its Export Assessment Questionnaire to find out if your business is ready.