Aston Martin unveils its fastest car yet

Posted on 29 May 2013 by The Manufacturer

British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has released the fastest regular production car in its history after unveiling its new V12 Vantage S model.

The new model replaces the current V12 Vantage car, and is capable of speeds of up to 205 mph, making it its fastest regular car and second only to the exclusive One-77 supercar.

Aston Martin is yet to reveal the vehicle’s 0-62mph time, but with a confirmed 565bhp under the hood, it is set to push the four second mark.

It also features the new 573 PS Aston Martin AM28 6.0-litre V12 engine, complete with the latest generation engine management from German company Bosch.

Aston Martin chief executive officer Dr Ulrich Bez said in a statement: “The new V12 Vantage S is, simply, pure Aston Martin. It is extreme in its nature yet truly timeless in its design language.

“Learning from our successes on the track feeds the development of this type of car and I’m proud to launch such an exciting sports car in this, our centenary year.”

The automotive company has also added a new stainless steel exhaust, while replacing the old six-speed manual gearbox with a third-generation seven-speed automated manual transmission.

The car has an automated manual transmission that’s lighter than the one it replaces, while additionally offering paddle shifters for drivers who prefer to take the car through the gears.

Drivers can tailor the car’s driving characteristics through three modes — normal, sport and track, with the sport mode including a button on the centre console that alters throttle response, gearshift speed and timing.

The vehicle will go on sale later this year for a market price of £138,000.