Attitudes to food must change to aid manufacturers in health battle

Posted on 26 Sep 2008 by The Manufacturer

The Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Association (BCCCA), part of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), will today instruct the government that more work need to be done to change public perceptions if manufacturers are to meet targets on healthier food production.

Barbara Gallani, sector manager of the BCCCA, will speak of the cost and demand pressures manufacturers are suffering in changing their products as this week’s ‘Salt, Sugar and Fat Reduction’ Reformulation Symposium 2008 in London comes to a close today. She will also outline the steps manufacturers have already taken, including portion sizes, healthier options, and reductions of salt and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

The Food Standards Agency has set a target of an average saturated fat consumption of below 11 grammes per person by 2010. The average is currently 13.3.

“FDF’s BCCC sector group members will continue to work with FSA on saturated fat and energy intake reduction to ensure that the technical limitations and costs involved are fully understood and taken into account,” said Gallani.

“We believe that what FSA is trying to achieve is very challenging, especially considering the need to change recipes and processes to lower levels of hydrogenated vegetable oils, salt and saturated fat without compromising taste and texture. FDF agrees that consumer acceptance of reformulated products as well as better education and information are key to the success of FSA’s saturated fat and energy reduction initiative,” she added.

The BCCC is due to hold its Technology Conference on 26-27 of March next year where it will present further updates and strategies on the subject from its members.

Barbara Gallani’s presentation is available here.