Bed maker creates jobs with investment in wire facility

Posted on 21 Feb 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Luxury bed manufacturer, Harrison Spinks has invested £1.8m in a new wire drawing facility on British Steel’s site in Scunthorpe, which will lead to the creation of more than 20 new jobs.

The bed maker has invested £1.8m in a new wire drawing facility – image courtesy of Harrison Spinks.

The British luxury bed maker was founded in 1840 and employs more than 600 people at its facilities in Leeds.

The company has announced it will utilise a 40,000 sqft British Steel building to house two wire drawing lines, set to be installed at the end of April 2018.

These lines will draw the ultra-fine wire used to manufacture Harrison Spinks’ world-leading pocket springs, using steel rod from British Steel.

The investment will initially create nine jobs with 13 more to follow when the bed maker installs a further six wire drawing lines at the facility. These will produce approximately 400 tonnes of fine wire for its springs each week.

Richard Essery, managing director of Harrison Spinks Components, said: “We have a long-established relationship with British Steel – the manufacturer provides the high-quality wire needed for our innovative spring technology.

“Partnering with British Steel to launch our new wire drawing facility in Scunthorpe not only means we can recycle all steel waste, creating a closed-loop production process, but also allows us to develop a higher grade wire quality, enabling us to produce industry-leading springs for our mattresses.

“The investment in this new wire drawing facility is part of our wider business strategy to become world leaders in sustainable mattress and comfort innovation.

As well as producing wire for springs used in mattresses manufactured at Harrison Spinks’ factory in Leeds, the ultra-fine wire drawn in Scunthorpe will be exported, so lightweight springs can be used in mattresses in countries including the United States.


Part of the £1.8m investment in the new facility came from a £150,000 grant from the British Steel Support Fund at North Lincolnshire Council, which has reportedly helped facilitate the move of Harrison Spinks’ wire drawing machines to Scunthorpe.

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