Birmingham-made tyres will endure

Posted on 4 Jan 2013 by The Manufacturer

Birmingham-based Dunlop Tyres has been chosen as the exclusive supplier of tyres for the world's longest circuit race.

The Maxi Endurance 48 challenge is a new race which challenges competitors to race non-stop for 48 hours, raising the bar on well known motorsport endurance tests such as the Le Mans 24 hour race.

Under a new agreement, every competitor in the race will now use Dunlop tyres which are manufactured in Birmingham.

The contract will require Dunlop to supply a huge range of tyres to suit the diverse vehicles entered into the race from GT, prototype and touring cars.

Gary Wassell, car motorsport manager at Dunlop said: “Events like this are a true test of durability, quality and consistency as well as outright performance. That’s where Dunlop’s experience in endurance racing will help make this inaugural event one of the most exciting additions to the racing calendar in recent years” added Gary.

Dunlop is Official Technical Partner to prestigious car manufacturers such as AMG Customer Sports, Renault Sport and Volkswagen Racing.

The manufacturer also produces over 200,000 high technology racing tyres each year for the World Moto2 and Moto3 Motorcycle Championships, International GT and Endurance racing and for national motorsport championships such as the British Touring Car Championship and Dutch Supercar Championship.