BMW announces Good Energy UK tie-up

Posted on 25 Nov 2013 by The Manufacturer

BMW has announced a new partnership with Good Energy in the UK, allowing the German automotive to forge ahead with its strategy for sustainable electric mobility and responsible charging on its i-series cars.

The partnership with the energy supplier will include the provision of 100per cent green electricity to households of BMW customers throughout the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland.

This will allow BMW i3 and BMW i8  owners to charge their vehicle using renewably sourced electricity while at home.

The partnership with Good Energy helps to displace CO2 emissions from power plants to tailpipe and help to fulfill the automotive’s objective of providing low carbon driving.

Charmaine Coutinho, business development manager at Good Energy said the company is committed to growing renewables in the UK.

“Working with BMW means that we can ensure that drivers of BMW electric vehicles in the UK get to think about where their electricity is coming from,” she said.

“Why charge an electric car with electricity generated from fossil fuels when you can choose renewables?”

BMW has also confirmed it will be the first electric vehicle manufacturer in the UK to offer a holistic product portfolio including a specially developed and purpose-designed home charging unit with complementary green electricity products and services.