British innovation secures major Australian contract

Posted on 4 Sep 2015 by Jonny Williamson

A cable cleat specifically designed to secure power cables in trefoil formation has won leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis a substantial order from Australian power provider, Ausgrid.

Colossus was designed and developed by the North Yorkshire company after it identified a significant demand for such a solution, but had no product readily available.

Colossus is a cable cleat designed specifically to secure power cables in trefoil formation.
Colossus is a cable cleat designed specifically to secure power cables in trefoil formation.

The firm’s export sales director, Tony Conroy commented: “We have a reputation as the market innovator and Colossus is a prime example of why this is the case – we identified a market need, developed a solution and as a result, secured a significant order.”

Ausgrid is currently installing Colossus in a 132kV underground feeder power tunnel being constructed on Sydney’s North Shore between the suburbs of Lindfield and Willoughby.

The order was secured by Ellis’ Australian distributor, IPD Industrial Products, which worked closely with the project’s main contractor, DIONA to secure the necessary product approval for Colossus from Ausgrid.

Conroy continued: “The evidence of how successful an innovation Colossus is proving to be can be garnered from the fact Ausgrid approved what is very much a new product for installation in such an important power distribution project.”

Manufactured from 316L stainless steel and LSF Zero Halogen polymer, Colossus has been short-circuit tested to a level of 104kA peak, and is aimed principally at the transmission and distribution, and utility markets.

The full range comprises 14 sizes, which are suitable for cables ranging from 24mm diameter through to 170mm. While for all cables above 69mm, the option of a saddle version of Colossus delivers the flexibility for an extra 100mm of protection to both sides of the clamp.

According to Ellis, one of the major benefits of Colossus, is that its base can be secured directly to the structure prior to cable installation, meaning cables can be laid directly on to it and the over strap installed separately.

Conroy concluded: “It goes to show that Ellis and its products are seen as tried, tested and trusted the world over.”