Cash runs dry in Dundee

Posted on 16 Mar 2009 by The Manufacturer

A manufacturer of cash machines in Dundee has announced that it will cut 252 jobs and wind up production of ATMs at the site

NCR said 450 jobs will remain at the plant in research and development, engineering, service support and marketing roles for its other business interests.

Announcing the cuts, Rick Marquardt, NCR’s vice president of global manufacturing said: “Like many companies, we have taken a number of prudent steps to better manage our cost structure in recent months.

“However, based on the current business outlook, we now need to make the difficult but necessary decision of proposing further workforce reductions in Dundee in order to protect our position. We realise that these changes will bring challenging times for those employees affected and we are committed to helping any individuals affected with comprehensive outplacement support.”

The Scottish government has also promised to do it all it can to soften the blow for those facing imminent unemployment at the firm.

Enterprise Minister Jim Mather, said: “Obviously, this announcement is a very heavy blow. That means that we must take every possible step to support those affected and also focus on what can be done to stimulate the wider Tayside economy through investment and job creation.”

NCR has been making cash machines in Dundee for over sixty years, according to the BBC.

The company makes an extensive range of interface-machinery for the retail, gaming, travel, entertainment and healthcare industries.