Cobot delivers 47% efficiency boost to linear motion specialist

Posted on 10 May 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Global supplier of linear motion systems and automation components, HepcoMotion is realising significant operational gains thanks to the arrival of a collaborative robot – or 'cobot'.

Cobot - The UR10 is the largest of the UR robots - image courtesy of Univeral Robots.
The UR10 is the largest of the UR collaborative robots – image courtesy of Univeral Robots.

In order to meet growing demand, HepcoMotion decided to automate the loading and unloading of a CNC milling machine.

With a wide variety of robots currently on the market, selecting the right one for this application presented the Tiverton-based company with a number of challenges. Space was limited and machine downtime needed to be kept to a minimum.

HepcoMotion selected Universal Robots’ UR10 – supplied by X-STK | Applied Automation. Like many cobots, the UR10 is lightweight, easy to move and able to be redeployed to perform other tasks as and when required. With space such a premium, cobots are also capable of operating without the need of a safety cage or guarding.

Reportedly deployed with minimal disruption, the company has achieved efficiency increases of almost 50% since automating the operation.

Cobots are often represented as defining a “new age of robotics”, yet long-standing fears surrounding automation and robotics in general – i.e. health and safety and job security – still need to be overcome.

Regardless, cobots are slowly changing the way in which robots and humans interact and although they currently account for only a small proportion of the global robotics market, growth is expected to be significant over the next five years.

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