Collaborative robot displays stunning quality control

Posted on 11 Aug 2020 by Jonny Williamson

Hanover Displays has invested in the latest collaborative automation systems to deliver significant benefits for clients specifying world-leading passenger information technology.

Hanover manufacturers cutting-edge LED display technology, alongside audio-visual passenger information, automatic vehicle positioning, geo-localisation and fleet management.

The East Sussex-based company has just completed its second installation of collaborative robots (cobots) to support its approach in driving innovation across its manufacturing and quality control processes.

Hanover introduced its first cobot in September 2018 to enhance its testing capability and since then, the technology has proved its worth, delivering pinpoint accuracy in the testing of processor and power supply boards, which are produced by Hanover as part of state-of-the-art destination display systems.

Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside teams, interacting with humans in a shared space. They differ from traditional robots, which are designed to operate without human interaction and contact.

Collaborative robot - Cobots at Hanover Displays

Hanover’s operations manager, Sean Winter has led the installation process. He explained: “The cobots are transforming the way we deliver our testing service.

“Hanover has always been proud of its ability to provide reliable solutions to the passenger transport sector. This is reflected by the fact we offer a 10-year warranty as standard.

“However, the introduction of the cobots has taken this to a new level, enabling us to further enhance our testing capability. They work to 50 microns repeatability and produce a report giving Hanover full traceability, detailing when the product was tested and its test results.”

As well as including an extended warranty as standard, Hanover offers the back-up of full technical support.

Gaurav Bijlani, production test engineer (PTE) manager at Hanover, said: “The cobots have improved our efficiency and processes, thereby creating a continuous improvement culture in collaboration with Quality Assurance department to deliver a solution that takes us into the 21st century.

“The end result for our clients is even greater reliability, a faster turnaround for orders and the ability to draw on the positive benefits they have delivered for our staff, who have been freed up to operate in roles which bring even more innovation and support to the business.”

The introduction of cobot technology reinforces Hanover’s global reputation for innovation in passenger information systems within the public transport industry.

The company – which employs 200 people in Lewes, near Brighton, and more than 100 additional staff across the globe – was formed in East Sussex, in 1985 as a designer and manufacturer of passenger information equipment for the public transport industry.

Over the years it has enjoyed sustained growth to become a global business, with subsidiaries in continental Europe, North America and Australia, and partnering agents in other overseas territories throughout the world.

Together with its headquarters and production facility in Lewes, Hanover has a further manufacturing site in Illinois in the US. Both sites produce more than 45,000 units annually across the product range, and shipping to customers in over 75 countries.