Companies welcome new ‘anti-dumping’ pricing laws

Posted on 17 Dec 2014 by Tim Brown

The Government has announced reforms to Australia’s anti-dumping regulation aimed at ensuring Australian manufacturers and producers are competing on a level playing field when it comes to pricing.

Not to be confused with waste regulation, dumping, in the international market, is when a company exports a product at a price lower than it normally charge in its domestic market.

The practice is not generally illegal but it is perceived as anti-competitive and something which distorts the market and allows inefficient companies to gain a greater market share than is warranted.

The Government measures also include addressing behaviours of firms trying to avoid the payment of duties with the package of reforms to be introduced throughout 2015.

The changes will mean provisional measures are imposed at day 60 of an investigation which will encourage parties, especially overseas exporters, to provide prompt and full submissions to the Anti-Dumping Commission.

The Government has said it will also take a stronger stance in World Trade Organization forums on the transparency of foreign subsidies, which will assist in ensuring that Australian producers and exporters are able to compete fairly.

SPC has welcomed the Australian Federal Government’s announcement that it is bolstering Australia’s
anti-dumping system with a range of reforms.

The reforms announced yesterday ensure that Australian manufacturers and producers, such as SPC,
are in the strongest possible position to compete with international manufacturers and producers on a
level playing field.

“These reforms to our anti-dumping system are a significant step forward for Australian manufacturers
and producers,” said Peter Kelly, Managing Director, SPC.

For the last 12 months SPC has been arguing for improvements to the system that put quality
Australian produce at a disadvantage versus dumped imports.

“We echo Minister Ian Macfarlane’s words that welcome free trade that is fair trade. We have for some
time been concerned about overseas based manufacturers and producers dumping product in this

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