Cummins Turbo Technologies wins €600m in truck deals at IAA

Posted on 25 Oct 2012 by Tim Brown

Cummins Turbo Technologies has secured four supply contracts for its Holset turbochargers, which have a combined value of more than €600m.

The deals, which are with some of Europe’s major truck manufacturers,will see Euro 6 emissions compliant turbocharging solutions enter service with several world-renowned brands by the end of the year.

The deals highlight how engine and vehicle manufacturers are seeking out technological developments to remain ahead of the increasingly stringent legislation as well as their competitors.

Announcing the deals at the IAA Commercial Vehicle’s Show in Hannover, Charles Masters, Cummins Turbo Technologies Executive Director for Global OEMs, said that the need to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions was driving the interest in turbos to help them achieve their goals.

“Advances in turbocharging technology continue to deliver these savings without compromising engine power, so we are delighted but not surprised that Cummins Turbo Technologies has been selected as a solution provider by some of the biggest names in trucking ahead of the introduction of Euro 6 regulations next year,” Mr Masters said.

Cummins Turbo Technologies, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, provides a range of Holset branded turbocharging solutions for diesel engines of 2 litres and above.

The light duty, mid-range and heavy duty range is comprised of:

  • Cummins Turbo Technologies Next Generation Variable Geometry Turbocharger vane flow
    Cummins Turbo Technologies Next Generation Variable Geometry Turbocharger vane flow

    Variable Geometry (delivering high boost at low engine speeds through a patented ‘sliding wall’ design)

  • Fixed Geometry (a robust and cost effective solution where no turbine variability is required)
  • Wastegate (offering pneumatic, ECU or command valve actuation for low to mid power densities applications)
  • 2 Stage (individually designed turbochargers or complete systems for a range of uses with or without compressor bypass)
  • Turbocompounding (extracting energy from the exhaust stream to optimise fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Charles Masters added: “We have become the turbocharger supplier of choice for many big name engine and vehicle manufacturers because of our expertise in this market and willingness to work in partnership.

“Our extensive product range and expertise means that we are able to select the most appropriate technology for the intended application and then tailor it to an individual customer’s operational requirements.”

Euro 6 legislation comes into force on 31 December 2013 and requires nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to be reduced by 66% over Euro 5 levels (from 2.0 to 0.46 grams/kWh) and soot particle emissions cut by half (from 0.03 to just 0.01 gram/kWh)– sufficiently low levels to be described as ‘near-zero’.