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Posted on 29 Mar 2023 by The Manufacturer

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Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023 – A Festival of innovation

The award-winning Nineteen Group is pleased to announce an incredible range of activities that will take place during Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2023 www.mandeweek.co.uk.

The week-long festival has four centrepiece exhibitions and combines both live and digital events, celebrating the best that the UK industrial sector has to offer. Read more via The Manufacturer

UK to impose green tax on imports from polluting factories

Cheap imported products made in polluting factories abroad may face new green import taxes and middle-income families will be given grants to make their homes more energy efficient under updated government plans to hit net zero by 2050.

The measures are part of a package of proposals that will be unveiled on Thursday by the energy secretary, Grant Shapps.

The government will announce a consultation on a new system of “carbon border taxes” designed to protect UK manufacturers from being undercut by countries with lax environmental rules. Read more via The Times

Airbus achieves in-flight autonomous guidance and control of a drone from a tanker aircraft

Airbus Defence and Space and the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Airbus UpNext, have achieved in-flight autonomous guidance and control of a drone using an A310 MRTT.

In a first step towards Autonomous Formation Flight and Autonomous Air-to-Air refuelling (A4R), the technologies demonstrate a significant breakthrough for future aerial operations involving manned and unmanned assets. Read more via The Manufacturer

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin finally reaches goal of 5,000 electric cars a week

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin has finally reached its goal to produce 5,000 electric cars in a single week, which is considered achieving “volume production.”

When ramping up a new vehicle to volume production at a new factory, Tesla generally considers 5,000 units per week to be the goal.

After starting production late in 2021, Tesla originally aimed to achieve that at Gigafactory Berlin by the end of 2022. Read more via electrek

BAE Systems to provide electric drive systems for first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses in Rochester, New York

BAE Systems, a leader in heavy-duty electric propulsion, will supply its next-generation electric power and propulsion systems for three hydrogen fuel cell buses in Rochester, New York, allowing them to run free of emissions.

The company will provide its Gen3 electric drive system for ElDorado National (California)’s Axess® EVO-FC™ hydrogen fuel cell bus. This technology will advance Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning to a zero-emission fleet. Read more via The Manufacturer

Government poised to detail UK automotive support plan

The UK government is expected to reveal its response to the US’s Inflation Reduction Act – which includes plans to stimulate domestic production of EVs – on 30 March, in an event originally labelled Green Day.

Governments around the world have come under pressure to safeguard their own automotive industries following the announcement of the Inflation Reduction Act, which promises huge grants for Stateside EV production. Read more via Autocar

Last Energy secures power purchase deals for 34 SMRs in Poland and the UK

US-based Last Energy has secured power purchase agreements (PPAs) for 34 PWR-20 small modular reactor (SMR) units with four industrial partners in the UK and Poland. Last Energy said the deals, worth $18.9bn in power sales, mark “the largest pipeline of new nuclear power plants under development in the world”. Read more via Nuclear Engineering International