Dell Edge Gateway 5000 and analytics capabilities continue to disrupt IoT market

Posted on 10 Jan 2017 by The Manufacturer

Launched in late 2015, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, which is purpose-built for the building and factory automation sectors, has revolutionised how manufacturing firms can implement IoT.

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series delivers purpose-built gateway with powerful analytics capabilities - image courtesy of Dell
The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series delivers purpose-built gateway with powerful analytics capabilities – image courtesy of Dell

Designed with industrial applications in mind, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 features expanded input and output interfaces and can operate comfortably in a wide range of temperatures.

Combined with Dell’s data analytics capabilities, the Edge Gateway 5000 promises to give companies an attractive alternative to today’s costly, proprietary IoT offerings.

Making good decisions using data generated by sensors is the central objective of IoT in the factory. Yet the rich data generated by IoT devices presents its own set of challenges. Harbor Research estimates that by 2020 smart systems will create over 194 petabytes of data. The sheer volume and complexity of managing this new data can quickly overload traditional environments and analysis tools. Edge analytics, carried out with the help of versatile gateways, will help with this data overload by determining what data needs to be acted on quickly and then filtered or stored.

The Dell Edge Gateway sits at the edge of the network (near the devices and sensors) with local analytics and other middleware to receive, aggregate, analyze and relay data, then minimizes expensive bandwidth by relaying only meaningful data to the cloud or datacenter. Dell has expanded its capabilities out to the gateway. This means companies can now extend the benefits of cloud computing to their network edge and for faster and more secure business insights while saving on the costly transfer of data to and from the cloud.

“Organizations are struggling to make the best decisions regarding the data volume and complexity created by the vast numbers of sensors, embedded systems and connected devices now on the network,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Commercial IoT Solutions, Dell. “As more of the data is processed in real time at the edge of the network, the gateway becomes the spam filter for IoT.”

Dell’s end-to-end portfolio of IoT-enabling solutions

The Edge Gateway 5000 is the newest addition to Dell’s end-to-end portfolio of IoT-enabling solutions and services, which provide customers with choice and flexibility to architect IoT ecosystems with analytics at the edge, the cloud or the data center. The gateway is available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build into their solutions or for building and factory automation customers to use as part of their IoT strategy which can span data center solutions, advanced analytics and digital services.

Additionally, customers’ can take advantage of Dell’s global availability, trusted security options, and Dell Support and Deployment services including ProSupport which provides end-to-end hardware support throughout the entire product lifecycle, helping customers maximize their gateway environment and minimize time spent on maintenance.

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