Dell make move to low-cost economy

Posted on 8 Jan 2009 by The Manufacturer

Computer giant Dell is moving production away from its factory in Limerick, Ireland, in favour of cheaper labour in Poland.

The move will see the 1,900 manufacturing workers employed there joining the ever-growing list of jobless in Britain and Ireland.

Sean Corkery, vice-president of Dell operations in Europe, said: “This is a difficult decision, but the right one for Dell to become even more competitive.” He said the move will “deliver greater value” to European customers.

Local Chamber of Commerce chief Maria Kelly said laying off the manufacturing side of Dell’s setup in Ireland will have “massive implications throughout the region.”

Reported estimations of jobs dependent on Dell in the area put the figure at 6,000.

The decision brings to an end 18 years of manufacturing for the firm at the site in western Ireland.