Digital Engineering skills hub to deliver post-Covid-19 productivity boost

Posted on 18 May 2020 by Jonny Williamson

Made Smarter and engineering skills organisation Enginuity have joined forces to launch a unique learning hub which delivers digital engineering skills in one place to Britain’s engineers and manufacturers at a time when they are needed more than ever.

ENGAGE is reportedly the first learning hub to specifically target engineering and manufacturing sectors, offering a range of courses from easy first digital engineering steps to more sophisticated technologies and innovation. 

Development of the platform has been accelerated to support workers at a time when many may have found themselves furloughed.

Helping engineers, technicians and wider manufacturing employees to learn and explore digital processes is also expected to help support a much needed post-Covid-19 productivity boost by enabling individuals to learn the latest digital techniques

Returning employees will be up-skilled and more agile as a workforce, and better able to adapt and respond to the pace of global technological innovation to help their companies recover at speed.

Unearthing ‘hidden’ talent

In related news, Enginuity and the Prince’s Trust have created an online game – powered by artificial intelligence and based on Minecraft – to identify people that have what it takes to power the nation’s economic recovery.

Minecraft adapted for skills and training by Enginuity. Image: Enginuity

The launch of Skills Miner is part of Enginuity’s mission is to create skills solutions for individuals, educators and employers to help close the skills gap in the engineering sector.

Some of the country’s most creative, innovative and advanced companies and organisations have made content available for the first time for the platform’s launch,  including the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Excellence, Achievement and Learning, Make UK and FutureLearn.

In the coming weeks more content is due to be added from Formula 1 and the Royal Academy of Engineering(RAEng).

ENGAGE offers support to learners at all levels. First time digital engineering learners can use a chatbot-style interface, which guides them to their specific areas of interest to create a bespoke learning experience.

The platform currently offers two introductory courses on digital technology and its role in manufacturing and engineering, with content from Made Smarter industry partners, including Rolls-Royce.

Key technologies covered in the courses include data analytics, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), cyber security resilience, industrial and autonomous robotics, and additive manufacturing.

Those logging on will also be able to become familiar with virtual augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence and its applications alongside machine learning.

Beyond introductory materials, more advanced learners can enroll in the ‘ENGAGE Academy’ to access free formal courses in the online classroom space.

CEO of Enginuity Group, Ann Watson explained: “There is no doubt that engineers will be on the frontline in the battle for economic recovery and this digital initiative will play its part ensuring that as many as possible are equipped to deal with the challenges ahead.”

Watson continued: “As a result of the collaboration, all of the content on the site will be free of charge for three months with Enginuity ensuring that after that date many hundreds of pieces of content will remain freely available to support the economic rebound.”

Juergen Maier from Made Smarter commented: “At this time of national crisis, when businesses will need to return stronger than ever and fighting on all cylinders to make up for lost ground, being able to grasp the digital opportunities has never been more important.”

*Header  image courtesy of Depositphotos