What did digital transformation look like in 2018?

Posted on 30 Dec 2018 by Maddy White

Digital transformation has been a crucial focus for manufacturers in 2018, over the year TM has reported how leaders have managed to overcome challenges and successfully transform their businesses.

1) A manufacturer’s guide to a successful Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Internet of Things (IOT) technology with AR (Augmented Reality) on VR dashboard. Businessman making presentation with his colleagues and business strategy digital layer effect at the office - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
The race is on to implement Digital Transformation projects at scale – image courtesy of Depositphotos.

Search ‘Digital Transformation’ online and you’ll get about 450,000,000 results.

Rather than having to sift through all of them, here’s a useful guide which touches on almost every aspect of your organisation and how digital technology can help make them more effective.

2) The power of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing

Just as manufacturing has seen huge benefits from Lean, automation and advanced IT, Artificial Intelligence promises to be the next breakthrough in productivity improvement.

3) Which countries are best placed for the future of production?

A 2018 report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that only 25 countries are in the best position to gain as production systems stand on the brink of exponential change.

4) Five steps to a successful digital transformation

What would you do if your market disappeared overnight? It might be a scary proposition to consider what would happen if your customers didn’t buy from you tomorrow, but within the answer lies the start of your digital transformation.

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5) Future of design and manufacture, according to CEO of Autodesk

Autodesk Technology Centre - Birmingham - image courtesy of Autodesk.
Realising the benefits on offer via the ‘digital Revolution’ involves ‘the creation of products that are increasingly personalised and intelligent – image courtesy of Autodesk.

After a tour of its recently opened Technology Centre in Birmingham, Jonny Williamson took part in a media roundtable with Autodesk’s CEO Andrew Anagnost to discuss the future of design and manufacture, and where Autodesk fits into the new emerging ecosystem.

6) Bromford Industries: Competitive advantage through SMART production

As a precision aerospace components manufacturer, Bromford Industries operates in a highly competitive market, but proactive investments in digital technology, factory connectivity and its workforce has seen the business climb to new heights.

7) Industry 4.0: A sustainable roadmap for midsized manufacturers

Slow and steady rather than unplanned rush wins the Industry 4.0 race. Helen Saunders offers seven tips on starting your digitalisation journey.

8) What are the benefits of hyper-personalisation in packaging?

Manufacturers are transitioning to offer more personalised approaches and complete solutions for the products they produce. In many industries packaging remains a large part of this; what are the main benefits to hyper-personalisation in packaging?

9) Moving from 3D printing to additive manufacturing

Scaling up to serial 3D printing production represents a huge opportunity for manufacturers. James Lawson talks to Materialise to find out how to take advantage of it.

10) The challenge of producing high-quality additive manufacturing powders

Additive manufacturing may be transforming industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare and tooling; but a major challenge persists – how can companies produce additive powders of a robust and repeatable quality?