Digital transformation shapes future of hiring

Posted on 23 Aug 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Digitalisation has become a business priority, for growth and financial opportunities. But, with the digital disruption many UK business leaders struggle finding a balance between innovation and business as usual.

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Digital transformation also calls for breaking the silos in the C-suite.

The digital transformation requires a change in process and in people, as leaders need to ensure they have the right skills available to support this change, at the right time, according to a research by Robert Half UK.

Businesses who do not address the digital challenge could see their talent and competitive advantage disappear, but many firms who are already on their digital journey are finding key advantages.

The research with UK CFOs found that more efficiencies and increased productivity (56%), employees taking on more value-add work (47%) and improved decision-making (43%) are the positive returns from digital transformation.

And according to PwC, British organisations attribute a 34% growth in new revenues to their digital transformation initiatives. Despite this, some companies struggle to find the right balance between nurturing innovation and managing existing workloads and priorities.

The key technology projects under way due to digital disruption are:

  • Digitally enhanced selling (47%)
  • Enhanced customer services (47%)
  • Data analytics enhancements for performance management (44%)
  • Digitisation of operational processes (42%)
  • Workplace digital enhancements (37%)

As businesses invest more, the pace of change accelerates. And this calls for a new breed of executive. An executive who can share a united vision of the digital future and promote collaboration, innovation and cultural change (hallmarks of successful digital transformation) at the same time.

Digital transformation also calls for breaking the silos in the C-suite. CIOs are no longer the only people who can understand the full effects of digital, from strategy to insights.

Other C-suite executives and senior business leaders must play their part, too, as digital now affects every area of a business and, ultimately, the data that helps leaders with their decision-making.

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