Directives for digital transformation from Atos & The Manufacturer

Posted on 14 Jun 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Atos and The Manufacturer have released the third in their series of “Industry Insight” videos, discussing the latest thought leadership on the digital transformation challenges that UK manufacturers are facing.

You will have seen the launch of a series of Industry Insight videos over the past few weeks, which have been created by Atos and The Manufacturer to give you the latest thoughts, insight and front line advice regarding the digital transformation that is now prevalent across manufacturing.

The three videos in the series focus on different industrial sectors and feature key players from UK manufacturing giving us their personal perspective, including:

  • UK manufacturing – featuring Brian Holliday, MD of Digital Factory for Siemens, and Mukesh Parekh, Head of Manufacturing for Atos –
  • Aerospace & Defence – featuring Simon Weeks, CTO of the Aerospace Technology Institute, and Richard Fernandes, Head of Aerospace and Defence for Atos –
  • Consumer Packaged Goods – featuring Ferenc Vezer, CIO of 2 Sisters Food Group, and Carl Vaughan, Head of CPG for Atos –

Atos & The Manufacturer Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing ReportThese videos follow on from a co-branded event that Atos and The Manufacturer ran in September 2015, where 20 senior-level decision makers were invited to an exclusive Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital event to discuss what digital transformation really means to UK manufacturing.

The thoughts, insight and experience shared on how to embrace digital technologies from the event were captured and collated in the Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing report.

You can download a copy of the report here.

To find out more

For further information on the Industry Insight videos, the Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing report or if you would like to be involved in the next Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing digital event, which will take place in the Autumn, just contact [email protected]