Duvel Moortgat optimises beer production with Infor

Posted on 16 Nov 2021 by The Manufacturer

One of the largest independent brewing groups in Belgium, Duvel Moortgat, has partnered with Infor, the industry cloud company, to drive further growth.

The decision to implement Infor Production Scheduling follows shortly after the completed implementation of Infor’s supply planning software. These tools will play an important role in the growth of the brewery and will help it respond to the rapidly changing demand environment.

Duvel Moortgat is a family business with a strong focus on specialty beers, which includes brands like Duvel, Vedett, ‘t IJ, La Chouffe, De Koninck, Liefmans, Maredsous.

The Duvel Moorgat brewery in Breendonk (Belgium, 21/03/2011). Image courtesy of Duvel Moortgat

The Duvel Moorgat brewery in Breendonk (Belgium, 21/03/2011). Image courtesy of Duvel Moortgat

The company has grown from a local brewery to a global player with 10 production sites, including in Belgium, the US and the Czech Republic. In addition, there are several sales sites in France, the UK, China and Spain. This steady growth, added to the seasonal nature of beer production and the unpredictability caused by the coronavirus pandemic, made it clear that planning the production process via Excel had reached its limits. Duvel required a more professional production and scheduling solution.

Infor was chosen because of its extensive knowledge and experience in planning and scheduling in the brewing world. Now that the demand planning software has been installed, the scheduling tool is also added and linked to form a complete solution. Duvel now has software that is effective in both the long term and the short term for insight into the production process.

“A brewery is one of the most complex production companies. It is vital to reduce the complexity of our operations and maintain control over our production. Infor’s strategic planning and scheduling applications enable us to grow,” says Dirk Waterschoot, Duvel Moortgat’s manager for production planning and purchasing raw materials. “In addition to its solid solutions, Infor offers a consistent reliable collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of consultants, and we look forward to the introduction of the scheduling tool.”

“Infor Production Scheduling is a collaborative planning product that provides a solution to the specific challenges of breweries such as Duvel Moortgat. Its ability to simultaneously schedule tanks and production lines, and to deal with complex routing, labour and resource constraints, results in higher equipment usage, reduced changeovers, and increased throughput,” said Ernst Stegwee, Infor’s account manager in the Netherlands. “This makes it easy to optimise resources and maximise capacity. We are pleased that this solution will help contribute to the growth of a great brewery like Duvel.”

“We are happy to count Duvel as part of our family of more than 30 beer brands and 150 breweries leveraging Infor Supply Chain Planning around the world,” concludes Valerie Tardif, Infor’s vice president for supply chain planning product management.