Dyson launches teaser video for possible robot vacuum

Posted on 29 Aug 2014 by The Manufacturer

Dyson Ltd have released a 25 second teaser video that many think is hinting at the company unveiling a robot vacuum cleaner.

The vaugely dystopian sci-fi clip comes on the back of the Wiltshire based firm seeking a judicial review of a recent EU decision that will see many of the most powerful machines on the market banned from being sold. The law seeks to combat energy inefficiency and prohibits vacuums of over 1,600 watts. Though the law actually effects none of Dyson’s current models, but would hurt their competitor, South Wales-based, Hoover.

The robot vacuum, which is codenamed N223, has been the cause of speculation online. In February this year Dyson announced a £5m cooperation scheme with Imperial College London to fund an experimental robots lab.

At the time, founder Sir James Dyson said: “My generation believed the world would be overrun by robots by the year 2014. We now have the mechanical and electronic capabilities, but robots still lack understanding – seeing and thinking in the way we do”

The only other information is the Youtube video’s esoteric description: “6 years. 200 engineers. £28m investment. The result? Tell us what you think it is.”