Dyson scores 100 not out

Posted on 16 Aug 2010 by The Manufacturer

Dyson has recruited 100 of the 350 new engineers it pledged to recruit this year to work on new technology at its laboratories in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Pictured: New engineering recruits at Dyson

Earlier this year the firm signalled its intent to double its engineers to 700 and bring its total UK headcount to 1,600. Worldwide employees number 2,500, with all manufacturing taking place in low cost economies. Dyson has long maintained that this business model means it employs more people in the UK than if production was based here.

One hundred of the targeted recruits are now on the payroll. Half of these are graduates, though the company has stressed that it is also searching for experienced engineers across a wide field of engineering, including microbiology, fluid, mechanical, electrical, electro magnetic compatibility, thermal, acoustic and software.

The company’s head of new ideas, Stephen Courtney, said the company is seeking candidates “who are unafraid of experimenting, tackling every stage of the design process and eager to prove their potential.”

“It is vital that Dyson – and the UK – invests in engineering talent to stay ahead,” added James Dyson. “As our need for good design and technology increases so does the need for creative and adventurous designers, engineers and scientists.”

James Dyson’s company is continuing to increase its investment in innovation, despite recession, and now spends £1 million every week on R&D. Only Rolls-Royce filed for more patents in the UK last year than Dyson.

Dyson’s profits were doubled last year to £190m.

The current recruitment process involves working as a team on an engineering challenge in which a prototype is built and tested to destruction under tight time conditions. For more information or to apply see www.careers.dyson.com.