Dyson’s Singapore investment to create 150 UK jobs

Posted on 25 Feb 2013

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson will create 150 jobs at its Wiltshire headquarters after investing £50 million to build a new factory in Singapore.

Thanks to the investment, the company will increase production by 100% – the automated production line will churn out four million digital motors each year – and create 200 jobs in Singapore.

A company spokesman said: “All this expansion is made possible by long term investments in things such as our motors.”

Of the 150 positions to be created in the UK, 100 will be for engineers. Last year the company hired 220 people in Wiltshire.

Dyson’s line in Singapore will feature 50 robots and only 13 operators. James Dyson explained: “Building a complex motor with minute tolerances requires the precision of a fully automated production line.”

The £50 million investment is in response to increased demand from China, Japan and the United States.

Dyson moved production to southeast Asia 10 years ago.