EEF warns government over gender pay audits

Posted on 8 Aug 2011 by The Manufacturer

EEF has warned that instead of increasing transparency over pay, gender pay audits will do the opposite – also adding to regulatory burdens suffered by manufacturers.

While EEF has welcomed government’s attempt to promote flexible working, it has been less receptive to proposals to introduce gender pay audits. The manufacturers’ organisation claims the audits will undermine efforts to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, while decreasing transparency over pay.

EEF head of employment affairs, Tim Thomas, said: “North East employers will draw a line in the sand on plans for gender pay audits, which will do little to increase pay transparency in the private sector and are likely to have the opposite effect.”

“At a time when the government is committed to reducing the burden of regulation, business is asking why this measure is needed and why the government is not taking proper account of the costs that it will impose on employers,” he added.

Even after expressing its opposition to the gender pay audit, EEF has expressed its support for the Modern Workplaces consultation, which aims to achieve a balance on flexible working and parental leave. However, the EEF has called for some of the proposals inside the consultation to be modified.

George Archer