Eight colleges awarded Construction Hub status

Posted on 15 Dec 2022 by The Manufacturer

Eight colleges across the country have recently been named a Construction Hub by leading building products manufacturer Forterra, a scheme in alignment with Forterra’s mission to keep Britain building by plugging the existing skills gap.

The selected colleges are Buckinghamshire College Group, Burnley College, Hertford Regional College, Lewisham College, Preston College, Stamford College, Truro and Penwith College, and Warrington and Vale Royal College.

The colleges, all selected via a competitive application process, are looking forward to the extra support they can give their students.

Forterra’s Construction Hubs benefit from expert advice and support from leading figures in the construction industry who will share their industry knowledge through a series of site visits and talks supporting the emerging talent from each college. The colleges will also enjoy a boost to their resources, with a donation of 12,000 bricks, branded merchandise and the opportunity for one exemplary student to receive £500 worth of tools.

The Lewisham College receive a delivery of London Bricks from Forterra. The bricks will be used in a bricklaying competition for college's apprentices. Copyright Mike Sewell 2022

The Lewisham College receive a delivery of London Bricks from Forterra. The bricks will be used in a bricklaying competition for college’s apprentices. Copyright Mike Sewell 2022

The Construction Hubs are central to the company’s nationwide effort to inspire ambition and foster raw talent in the next generation of construction workers.

With the support of Forterra, the colleges are set to embark on brickwork projects including internal competitions and local community projects, with the aim of increasing the skills and enthusiasm of their students.

Stephen Harrison, Chief Executive of Forterra, said: “We are pleased to announce the eight colleges selected to join the London Brick Construction Hubs. We have been impressed by the high standard of applications received, and have every confidence that these colleges and their students will go on to produce brickwork of the highest quality. Forterra takes pride in supporting the continued development of high standards and technical skills in the bricklaying industry with the view of bolstering future UK productivity.”

Forterra continues to support upcoming bricklaying talent in a variety of ways, including through the Forterra London Apprentice Challenge and annual Best in London Brick contest at Lewisham College which uses Forterra’s iconic London Brick.

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